You may have dynamic leaders...
but do you have other dynamic people in your firm?

If you think of your firm as a leader in its profession, you need to ensure that your people epitomise the qualities your firm wishes to project.

Sohana Nanoo presents interactive, practical and commercially focused workshops and seminars to lawyers, accountants, managers, salespeople, and other professionals. The focus is on developing dynamic, confident, and articulate people who:

 What You Can Expect from Sohana's Seminars:

Sohana's seminars have been described by clients as "outstanding", "practical", "relevant", "entertaining" and "interactive" (see testimonials).

The seminars have been extensively researched, and feature insights from current bestsellers on body language, psychology, sales and client relationships, including David Maister, Allan Pease, Daniel Goleman, and Malcolm Gladwell. It has a practical focus, combining theory with strategies that can be used daily.

Each seminar is specifically customised to the culture and goals of a particular group, eg commercial lawyers or tax accountants. It can be conducted at a graduate, intermediate or senior level as required.

Seminars are presented on PowerPoint slides, and includes photos and short video-clips. It is designed to be fun and stimulate interest and discussions, and is a format that has been very successful with other firms (see testimonials).

Each seminar is usually two hours duration, and can be conducted as a breakfast, lunch or late-afternoon session at your offices. The ideal numbers are 6 - 12 people. Seminar fees are available on request.

These are brief outlines of the seminar topics:

Creating a Powerful Professional Presence

Persuasive Pitching

Successful Client Relationships

Successful Leadership Strategies

Dynamic Presentation Skills

Effective Networking Skills