Does your firm have an Exceptional Pitch?

How a firm pitches itself is probably the most strategic decision that its people can make. And it’s a strategy involving psychology, not just law.
*      It’s a sophisticated understanding of how clients think and what influences their decisions.
*      It’s having a defined strategy about how a specific client will be approached and how the actual pitch will be developed;
*      It’s about being able to immediately create a “wow” first impression, and having a powerful personal brand.
*      It’s about having the skills to observe a client’s choice of words and their body language - and within a few minutes being able to discern their personality type and emotional triggers.
*      It’s about having the communication strategies to know when to listen and when to talk, to know how to ask the right questions, to know how to create rapport and trust and be able to confidently answer questions and objections.
*      It’s knowing exactly what’s unique about your firm and articulating such a succinct and compelling value proposition that the client can only say “I choose your firm
Pitching does not take place only in tenders. It happens every time an advisor from your firm has a conversation with someone, from a simple networking coffee to a formal meeting. You are already a great firm. But to be a truly exceptional one you need to consider: do all your people have exceptional pitching skills?
How Sohana can help:
Sohana provides private pitch consulting services as well as workshops to help you define your pitch.