Do you want to be a more engaging and dynamic leader?

To be in your current position, you obviously possess a number of great leadership traits.

However, if you’re critical of your own skills, you probably have thought to yourself that you could do better in certain areas – and this is where a few hours of coaching could be of value to you:
Leadership Style & Presence
·         Frank and constructive feedback on the presence you project and how you’re creating that impression.
·         Helping you identify your performance triggers ie what makes you tick and what holds you back.
More Succinct and Persuasive Communication
·         Enhancing your communication skills so you are more succinct and engaging in your everyday communication.
·         Polishing your presentation and media interview skills so you are a more dynamic and effective speaker.
Influencing Stakeholders
·         Helping you “read” people and identify their emotional triggers so you have greater buy-in to your ideas.
·         Influencing board members and having a more effective pitch strategy to propose new ideas.
Motivating & Engaging Staff
·         Practical strategies to motivate staff and get them more engaged and aligned with the company vision.
·         Communicating difficult performance issues to staff.
Using Social Media
·         Awareness of how social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogs have a huge impact on engaging people.
·         Tips on how to use social media in a way that fits in with your personality and leadership style.

Why this coaching works  

Sohana Nanoo is a leading executive coach to a number of successful directors and partners, helping clients further enhance their leadership, influencing and presentation skills.


Her clients commend her “intuitive resource”, “ability to read people”, “superb expertise” and “valuable insight”.


She gives clients frank and constructive feedback on their leadership style and provides practical strategies for clients to adopt in these key areas:



Sohana also provides full writing services for her clients - writing speeches, business proposals, pitching documents, AGM presentations, Board reports and marketing letters.


There is no long-term contract or minimum meeting times. Sohana’s coaching is fully designed around your specific goals, and the meetings usually last an hour. The meeting times are worked around your schedule and are held at your office. Your time is valuable – so you will get full value out of every meeting. That’s a promise.